Accept both cash and credit cards. Monthly membership is only 15 USD. Card payments go directly your account. Cash out whenever you want. No commitment. OpenTaxi is available the world over.



Gone are the days where you have to literally call a cab. OpenTaxi is a direct gateway between you and the driver. The app allows you to see and track cabs in real-time and permits you to pay with in-app saved credit card. You also have the opportunity to favorite a driver if you prefer to ride with them again. Unlike unregulated rideshare apps, OpenTaxi never charges over city set meter fare. In fact, we do the opposite!



We know where your potential customer is and where they are going. Strategically target them by location. Our proprietary algorithm best matches your ad to a user based on their ever-changing relevance to your product or service. Please note, OpenTaxi only accepts advertising for entertainment, lodging, or food places that require physical visits.

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